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From Middle English wedden, weddien, from Old English weddian to pledge; wed, from Proto-West Germanic waddjōn, from Proto-Germanic wadjōną to pledge, from wadją pledge, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European wedʰ- to pledge. Cognate with Scots wed, wod, wad to wed, Saterland Frisian wädje to bet, wager, West Frisian wedzje to bet, wager, Low German and Dutch wedden to bet, German wetten to bet, Danish vædde to bet, Swedish vädja to appeal, Icelandic veðja to bet; more distantly, to Sanskrit वध vadhū, bride.
wed - Wiktionnaire.
3 e pers. Prétérit wed ou wedded. ˈwεd ou ˈwεd.ɪd. Participe passé wed ou wedded. ˈwεd ou ˈwεd.ɪd. Participe présent wedding. voir conjugaison anglaise. wed ˈwεd irrégulier. The priest wed the couple. Épouser, prendre pour époux. She wed her first love.
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Learn More About wed. Post the Definition of wed to Facebook Share the Definition of wed on Twitter Time Traveler for wed. The first known use of wed was before the 12th century. See more words from the same century.
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By then, wed heard the same story six times. Definition of wed from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of wed. Progressive local authorities, therefore, embraced the emergent technology of destructors and thereby wed municipal waste management to large-scale and cost-ineffective waste disposal schemes.

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